TERA is an Action-MMORPG originally created by Bluehole Studios, it's published in Europe by Gameforge. Unlike alot of MMORPGs TERA has action based combat which requires the player to aim their skills using the reticule, players cannot "Tab-Target" like in World of Warcraft. It has impressive graphics with fantastic lighting, however due to the game being created using the Unreal Engine it has some optimization issues. The game features a number of different races, each carrying their own look for items and animations for skills. 

TERA has a level cap of 60 and most of your time leveling is spent killing monsters, this can become tedious but there is enough variety in the enemies to keep you playing if you enjoy the combat enough. Up to level 60 you will find story quests, these are usually arcs that play out in each new area as you progress. Story quests usually contain the most XP and the most rewarding quest items, however this game contains something a little different, namely BAM (Big ass monster) quests. These require a group of 5 to take down a small number of powerful boss monsters, these offer much higher rewards. Post 60 you will start on gaining reputation using reputation quests, as you gain reputation you receive rewards and discounts in each area.

Quite a variety of dungeons are contained with the game as you level, each with a different theme and layout. I had alot of fun in the dungeons, they offer great gear for your character but also offer a greater challenge to test your skills. If you manage to find a decent party then the dungeons can be the some of the most fun you have in the game, as well as the most rewarding. As for gear in general there is a huge amount to collect. It can be bought, earned or crafted and with gear remodeling you can always look how you want to look, without sacrificing on your stats.

The game has both PvE and PvP servers, in a recent patch battlegrounds where introduced. These are level 60 battles between 16 players, sadly they are not available for lower levels which can sometimes be frustrating when leveling alt's. Several days a week there is a special event called the Nexus, which is a wave based assault in a zone aimed at level 59 or above. Once groups have completed the Nexus they can proceed onwards to a raid.

The game doesn't have much in the way of guild content, there is still only 1 raid to date. However, there is a huge focus on politics, guilds can run for vanarchy (president) in the different regions. The guilds who win vanarchy then need to gain points to keep shops open and other services open in the area. The worrying side of this type of game play is the chance of turning fun into work, as the player base will complain when the shops are not open.

There is no guild housing, which is a bit of shame as there is such a focus on the guild side of things. Guilds can wage war on each other, this technique can also be used to take land from other guilds. I'd recommend applying to a guild as soon as you are able as this will make dungeoning and BAM hunting a non-issue.

Overall I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for an MMO that isn't the usual tab-target affair, however the smaller player base and repetitive end game content may not be favourable to some.

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