Guest Lecture : Mark Craig
Today's guest lecturer was Mark Craig who is the programming director at Lucid Games, he was also previously the lead programmer at Bizarre. The main focus of the lecture was aimed at programmers who wish to develop for mobile devices, this was helpful as I have an interest in developing games for Android.

The lecturer discussed the pro's and con's of developing for mobile devices such as iOS and Android, Mark suggested that iOS was easier to develop for due to the fragmentation found in Android devices. Mark also touched upon payment models for releasing titles, and ideal team sizing.

 Mark then followed with an in depth discussion of programming tips for all devices, the idea of middle ware to speed the development process up and the best way of approaching a programming interview.

He then gave some general interview tips such as researching the company beforehand and asking questions during the interview. He also suggested that the best way to get a job in the industry is to have a good CV which always includes a demo of your work.

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