Nick Davies is the founder of Lucid Games who previously worked at Bizarre Creations. His credits include 007:Bloodstone, The Club and others. Nick's lecture was based around the entire design process, what it takes for a game to go from the ideas stages until the final product. 

As a producer Nick focuses on project management and scheduling, he also handles hiring and relations such as publisher and external. Nick explained that the bigger a company gets then the more focused roles get, this however limits the role.

Nick Davies then went on to talk about the process of pitching a game and the different ways of doing so, highlighting that the best way is visual, which usually consists of a prototype or video.

Nick also covered topics on IP retention, how you can go about getting your game signed and budgeting costs. He then talked about development costs, this was very useful towards gaining a better understanding of a game is made, the in depth breakdown of the costs on 007 was very useful insight into how larger games are made.

The highlight of the talk for me was the pro's and con's of developing at a smaller studio versus a larger studio. As I was curious about which type of studio I would be suited for, this really helped my knowledge on the subject and has probably lead me towards an indie role as opposed to a large team.

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