Nick Rathbone is the senior games designer at Codemasters, he has also worked as a graduate designer for Climax Action. Nick has worked on a huge variety of racing games and has also worked on one of my favourite Silent Hill games, which is something I admire Nick Rathbone for.

Nick has a specialist skillset which comprises of gameplay design, player interaction, game mechanics and much more. Nick has been in the industry for over four years and has mostly worked on AAA titles, his work with racing games is something I am rather fond of, as Grid is also one of my favorite titles.

Nick’s main topics in the lecture today where focused around getting into the industry and the tools you will need to get there such as a portfolio and a CV. Nick talked about agencies and how they will benefit you in the industry, he spoke about how agencies are not always the best option. They can however garner you more than one role within the industry. Nick also spoke about how to create a portfolio that was both compelling and accessible, he went over the type of content that potential employers would want to see. This was rather useful in deciding what to put on my own portfolio, he highlighted the idea of a showreel and how important it could be in getting you the job you want.

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