Today’s lecture featured 2 of the team from evolution studios, they came to the university to discuss the industry and what roles are within the industry. The members of the team included one project manager (David Bramhall) and one game designer (William Maiden). The talk consisted of an in depth discussion about roles in the industry, specifically game designer was mentioned.

I learned from the talk that to be a successful game designer :
  • Good communication skills, if you can’t formulate and explain your ideas thoroughly enough then fellow developers will not be able to understand your idea.
  • Be able to take criticism, if your idea was fantastic you still need to ask yourself if the game is right for consumers and will it make a profit.
  • To be a better game designer you need a broad range of knowledge and skills across software, as well having a history playing games and having the ability to understand why they were successful.
  • You need to confident in your ability to present your game to publishers, as these will have the final say on whether your game is realised or not.
The talk covered specific tasks in each field, as a prospective game designer I focused on those rolls:
  • Level Designers will first begin on paper to fine tweak ideas, they will then greybox a level to get a feel of the scale and the gameflow. This will then be tested to see if it is functional as a level, this will then be passed onto the designers, environments artists etc to build up the world in the level.
  • A System Designer will work on the game system, this includes the overall structure of the level and mechanics. They will also take charge of the documentation and will be the ones who pitch ideas and should have the ability to create quick prototypes.
  • Scripters and AI Designers work on getting the level to work as it should, such as adding spawn points, pickups and trigger boxes.
  • Lead Designer has control of the situation, they will speak to the entire team to get a clear vision of what is going on.

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