PS3 (Reviewed)/ Xbox 360/ Pc

The multiplayer portion of this title is one of the strongest in the series, with a robust set of modes and a huge collection of items to unlock, the player has a wealth of gameplay on their hands.

The online portion has variations of base capture, capture the flag, team deathmatch and deathmatch. The standout mode here is wolfpack, wolfpack is a co-op mode that features 4 players attacking various assigned targets. The more kills and the more creative the kills are the longer the session will last, as players need a certain amount of points to progress to the next wave. It is sort of similar to a wave based game that you might see in a first person shooter. I found this to be one of the most engaging online experiences I have had in a long time, however I have found that quite alot of players you will join up with have no real idea how to play the game and fight for kills. This can really hamper the experience and disable progression, my advice would be to try and find 3 other individuals, get on mics and start a private session.

The online portions features a large roster and each character has their own items they can unlock, these can include outfits and weapons. These are mostly visual and don't really effect the stats, which is probably for the better due to balancing issues. The unlockables added alot to the game for me, being able to customize your favourite character adds a nice personal touch to the gameplay. 

The online mode also features regular events which offer special modes, unlocks and sales on said unlocks. The event I participated in lasted around a week and featured an overall goal for the player base to conquer  The playerbase goals really do pull the community together, which is terrific.

Graphically the game is impressive, the lighting is fantastic and animations are some of the best I have seen in a video game and it does actually tie into the main story, instead of playing as the assassins you play as the templer's in training. There are also files and videos that you can unlock which expand upon the universe, this was one of my favourite features due to my keen interest in the story.

Overall the multiplayer portion is a worthy addition to the series, in some ways it surpasses the main game as I found that to be a tad underwhelming. 

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